Moving to Alaska - How to Choose a Moving Company

How to Choose a Moving Company

Posted 06.07.2011 in Articles by Dan

To assure your possessions make the trip up the northern frontier to Alaska simple and efficiently, your best option is using an international shipping company. The research you put into choosing a moving company will help make your investment worthwhile. Below are 5 ways to find out if a shipping and moving company is one you can trust to help you move safely and confidently to your new home in Alaska.

A moving company asks for a deposit upfront. No legitimate moving company will ask for money for their services. A moving company should not require a deposit before offering a quote or picking up your possessions. If a company is asking for money before your possessions are packed and on the truck, there's no guarantee the company will follow through with what they offer. Also, after a customer pays the deposit, the company can pick up the goods and essentially hold the items hostage until you pay the full bill, which will often be higher than estimated. As a highly reputable moving company, we simply don't do that. In fact, we encourage you to contact us using our online quote form. One of our helpful representatives will get in touch with you in 30 minutes or less to give you an estimate of your shipment completely free of charge.

Get in-house estimate of your home possessions. Some moving companies will insist that taking the dimensions of your house in cubic feet is all the information they need to give you an accurate estimate on moving your possessions to Alaska. By requesting an in-house estimate can benefit both you and the moving company. An in-house estimate not only gives you a more accurate price quote, but also allows you evaluate the company's level of customer service before signing any agreement. The moving company also has a chance to see what they will need to be packing and moving. They can find out about any special concerns you may have and can plan ahead accordingly.

The difference between a Moving Broker and a Moving Company. A Moving Broker serves as the middleman between the moving company and you the shipper while a Moving Company handles the packing and delivery of your household goods from beginning and end.

Collect all contact information for the moving company. The telephone number, email, website, physical address, and the full company name is all important information you should gather. With this information you are able to collect more in-depth research such as the company's history,its credentials, and checking with the Better Business Bureau to get more information. Information as simple as getting their physical address allows you to ensure the moving company is an actual working business, and not a scam.

Get everything in writing. Starting with the quote, read everything including the fine print. The agreement you receive should include Destination Port Fees, Terminal Handling Charges, and any other costs. When you have everything in writing, you can work from specifics and hold companies to what they originally offered.


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