Moving to Alaska Travel Arrangement Checklist

Moving to Alaska Travel Arrangement Checklist

Posted 06.07.2011 in Articles by Dan

Moving to Alaska is a huge task made up of lots of smaller parts that all need great attention to detail. One of the most important factors of moving to Alaska is the setting up of all of your travel arrangements. From hotel stays to rental car reservations to booking your airfare, there are many details that go into organizing all of your travel arrangements. To help you get started, we've put together a short checklist with important highlights for you to look into arranging before your move to Alaska. 

Airline Reservations:

  1. request preferred seats
  2. consider travel insurance
  3. print boarding passes and double-check accuracy

Local Travel Arrangements:

  1. book train tickets (if necessary) 
  2. rental car reservations (if necessary)
  3. international driver's permit
  4. schedule driving services (if necessary) 


  1. outline all connecting flights
  2. mark layovers
  3. book any necessary hotel stays for long layovers or temporary housing 

Receive any required vaccines




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