Keep It or Leave It Guide for the Move to Alaska

Keep It or Leave It Guide for the Move to Alaska

Posted 06.07.2011 in Articles by Dan

Before filling out our quote form, the first step of the moving to Alaska process is deciding what you are going to take with you and what you are going to leave behind. It's a good idea to sort through your things so you don't end up moving things that you don't need, have never really used, or is more expensive to move that purchase in Alaska. When you have a more specific idea of all that your taking you'll have more information to get a more accurate estimated quote. But when it comes to sorting through all your possessions, how do you decide what to keep and what to leave?

A must do when it comes to sorting through your possessions is making a list. Go through each room and take inventory of everything. Once you're armed with a list of everything that is in your household you can better plan out your packing time for Alaska and better organize what to pack together.

It is usually ideal to begin with a list of the absolute essentials - the things you know you'll be taking with you to Alaska. If you aren't sure, don't include it on the list and come back to it later. Try to be realistic. Deciding is a great way to determine how much stuff you'll be moving to Alaska and what the possible cost might be.

Once you have you list, you can go through all of your possessions and put them into three distinct groups: the keeper group, the seller group, and the donator group.

In the keeper group should be items such as photos, cards, scrapbooks, and any things you deem “irreplaceable” should be included in your move to Alaska. Clothes and electronics should also be included within the keeper group. Items that are costly to replace in Alaska or include important information are the basis for selecting groups to be included within the keeper group.

The seller group may be items that you know you could earn money back on and purchase in Alaska. Take clothing or furniture to consignment stores. For items you can't sell there or don't know where to sell, eBay or hosting a garage sale are the next best options to earn some money on your belongings you plan on leaving behind.

Possessions you don't want to take with you in Alaska and can't sell, make up the donator pile. Make sure the items aren't ripped or stained and are in good condition. Use your own judgement; If they are in poor condition, they should be put in the garbage. Try not to waste a charity's time by donating unusable items.

For more a more specific guide list, check out our Keep It or Leave It Checklist.

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